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Kemira is the complete solution for your water treatment needs in North America. We offer a full line of inorganic coagulants based on iron and aluminum salts, polymers (including acrylamides) and a series of polyaluminum chlorides that can be customized to satisfy the customerís specific needs. Our products are manufactured by the highest quality standards and are all NSF approved for use in potable water treatment. To determine the best product for your application our highly technical personnel is ready to offer assistance on product selection through bench testing. We also assist during start-up by establishing the proper procedures and monitor the performance of the coagulant in full-scale operation to ensure the optimal performance. Kemira also has the capability of providing equipment for your full-scale trial, including storage tank, feed equipment etc. 

Aluminum-Based Coagulants

Iron-Based Coagulants

Alufer (Aluminum and Iron coagulant combination)