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Kemira products are known throughout the industry as the standard of excellence.  Our manufacturing processes for iron and aluminum based coagulants, and for our wide range of polymers are based on high quality raw materials. Our patented manufacturing processes yield iron salts that set the specifications for the most demanding applications. Kemira draws on state-of-the-art technology to produce a wide range of aluminum based products completing our inorganic coagulant line.  as per organic polymers, we have developped unique technologies that enables to acheive high performance in variety of applications,  enhancing our strong position in the North America water and wastewater industry.

Added Value
Kemira is committed to finding the most economically and environmentally sound solution. Realizing that a customer's choice of coagulants will be a balance between cost, effectiveness and convenience, we offer a full line of inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants. Included are iron and aluminum salts, polymers, acrylamide, that can be customized to satisfy the customer's specific needs. Kemira has qualified experts familiar with product conversions, jar test evaluations, pilot plant and full scale plant trials for both traditional as well as advanced applications.

Technical Service
Kemira is here to help you. We have a staff of qualified engineers, chemists and sales representatives to assist you. With production and distribution facilities strategically located throughout the United States and Canada, we are able to serve you efficiently and economically. We want to work with you to provide solutions to your toughest water treatment problems. When you have a question or concern about your water treatment, please call us.

Corporate Office - Canada
3405, Marie-Victorin Boulevard,
Varennes, QC, Canada, J3X IP7
Tel. (800) 652-0665, Fax (450) 652-7343

Customer Service & Ordering
Coagulants & Polymers:  Tel. (800) 465-6171,   Fax (450) 652-4852,

Manufacturing Facilities

Brantford, ON
Ottawa, ON
Varennes, QC

United States
Baltimore, MD
Bartow, FL
Savannah, GA
Mobile, AL
East Chicago, IN
St. Louis, MO
Fortier, LA
Houston, TX
Fontana, CA
Mojave, CA
Spokane, WA
Longview, WA