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Polyaluminum Chloride (PAX and SternPAC)

Kemira manufactures a broad range of high-performance liquid polyaluminum chloride coagulants that offer superior performance in many water treatment and industrial applications. PAX products are a series of coagulants with different characteristics that make it possible to find a PAX for almost every potable, wastewater or industrial application. The aluminum in PAX is highly charged enabling less to do more. PAX has proven to be a cost efficient alternative to more conventional coagulants since PAX offers the benefits of lower dosages, less effect on pH and reduced sludge production. PAX also offers improved treatment in cold-water treatment applications as well as excellent performance in applications experiencing large fluctuations in turbidity, pH and alkalinity. 

To obtain MSDS and additional product information in French or English, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-465-6171 or by email at  If calling from outside Canada, please dial 1-450-652-0665.