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Ferrous Sulfate

Chemical formula: Fe(SO4)

Ferrous sulfate solution is a clear, green liquid containing 5% to 7% soluble iron. It is used for hydrogen sulfide reduction and odor and corrosion control in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. It is also used for dechlorination of potable waters for THM reduction.

As Kemira uses high purity raw materials and state of the art manufacturing process, our product is NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified with a maximum use level of 400 mg/L. It also complies with the AWWA standard for ferrous sulfate (B402). Additional uses include precipitation of heavy metals and phosphate via aeration, chromate reduction, cyanide complexation, decolorization, fertilizer, and sludge conditioning.

To obtain MSDS and additional product information in French or English, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-465-6171 or by email at  If calling from outside Canada, please dial 1-450-652-0665.