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Ferric chloride solution is produced by the chlorination of a high-grade ferrous chloride solution.  It has a concentration range of 11,3% to 14,7% Fe.  The ferric chloride meets or exceeds all AWWA standards (B407) and is NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified for use in potable water treatment and industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.  

Ferric chloride is a very versatile chemical and is manufactured in a drinking water grade, an industrial grade, and an etchant grade.  Some uses include struvite control, turbidity removal, advanced primary treatment (APT), heavy metals removal, BOD/TOC/DBP reduction, odor and corrosion control, bacteria reduction, phosphate precipitation, sludge conditioning, and color removal.

Chemical formula: FeCl3

Regular Ferric Chloride - PDS

High concentration Ferric chloride - PDS

Ferric Chloride - MSDS