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We have developed a unique range of products, combining the advantages of iron and aluminum based coagulants. some AluFer combinations are NSF/ANSI certified under Standard 60 for use in potable water. These products are used in water and waste water treatment and for various industrial applications. They can be custom made to answer specific needs of customers. Among other applications, AluFer are used for removal of turbidity, colour, bacteria as well as for enhanced coagulation, enhanced TOC removal, reduction of THMs formation, odour, hydrogen sulfides and corrosion control, increased cold water performance, reduction of residual aluminum, improved UV disinfection, arsenic removal.

To obtain MSDS and additional product information in French or English, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-465-6171 or by email at  If calling from outside Canada, please dial 1-450-652-0665.